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Do GAPS and Parties Mix?


We were coming into our first GAPS holiday season. The season when everyone seems to over-indulge and gain a few pounds. I was determined to do neither, and stay on our very strict diet. So my daughters and I hunkered down for a whole Saturday and baked our own --GAPS LEGAL-- Christmas cookies! After making, baking, and cooling, we divided them into individual containers and stuck them in the freezer, pulling them out for one occasion after another. I brought one to Bible Class when we were having a party. We brought one to a nursing home to share when we went caroling. We brought one to a relative's house when we were traveling. And we had the rest of the containers one each Sunday afternoon (when we typically have a special dessert each week). This really worked out well, as I didn't feel left out from having a treat while others were indulging, but I could stay on plan and not feel sick. Keeping them in the freezer (downstairs!) kept us from grazing on the cookies at home. It also worked well to have a meal before I left home so I was less hungry, and less likely to over-indulge.

Here are the recipes we included in our treat containers:

Since we had seven different recipes, we included each treat in each container. There were about 4-8 of each type of cookie.

One last tip: Label your container with a note that reads "GAPS Legal" or "Gluten-Free" so not EVERYBODY takes them and there are some left for you!



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