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Below is the wording to a new petition, created by Into Your Hands, LLC's Marie MacPherson on February 5, 2020.


Minnesota Representatives and Senators have proposed a law to protect parental rights over their children.

We ask that lawmakers support HF 3645 and companion SF 3513 which respect the rights of parents to make sound medical and educational choices on behalf of their minor children, protecting them from state intervention unless a court has terminated those rights due to abuse or neglect.

This bill is an obvious winner: if a lawmaker does not trust parents to make good choices on behalf of their children, then that same lawmaker does not trust their voters to have made a good choice on the ballot. Lawmakers opposing these bills send a clear message to their constituents: they do not trust voter judgements.

Please support HF 3645 and SF 3513. Trust parents. Support the diversity of choices that good parents make on behalf of their children. Pass these bills and presume that parents are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Protect parental rights to direct the upbringing of their children in Minnesota.


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Love Your Immune-Compromised Neighbor: Vaccinate?

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What is my duty toward my immune-suppressed neighbor? How should I best love my immune-suppressed neighbor? What is my duty toward my immune-suppressed neighbor? These compelling questions beg to be answered. Christians especially desire to reflect Christ-like love to those around us.

Many people say that everyone ought to be vaccinated to protect a few who cannot be vaccinated, particularly those who are too young for a vaccine, or those with immunity struggles. Is this true? Is this accurate?

Before we can answer this, we need to answer a few other questions:

  • What if my neighbors’ needs conflict with one another?
  • Would a 100% vaccination rate actually safe-guard the immune-compromised or young?
  • Are there ways to protect those with low immunity without coercing unwilling participants into a medical procedure?
  • Who should decide whose immunity is too weak, or strong enough, for a vaccine?

Let's start with this:

What if my neighbors’ needs conflict with one another?

It is a good and beautiful thing to care about others’ needs. However, sometimes the needs of our neighbors are in conflict with one another.

If vaccines are too dangerous for the immune-compromised, doesn’t it follow that they might be dangerous for others with health conditions?

What about the babies who were (and will be) dismembered and dissected through abortion in order that vaccines could be developed?

Those with compromised immunity can and should be cared for. But it does not necessarily follow that everyone must be immunized in order to care for them, particularly when immunization could harm (or kill) others in order to bring about that good.

Simply, it is wrong for the government or individuals to demand that others be vaccinated in order to protect a few who cannot be immunized, when the immunizations cause hurt to others in the process.

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Minnesota Legislature Threatens to Eliminate Parental Choice in Vaccination Mandate

  • First Posted: February 22, 2019
  • Updated: February 20, 2020

Quick Summary

Current Minnesota law generally requires K-12 students to receive a standard vaccination schedule, but allows an exemption when parents object on conscientious grounds. A recently introduced bill would revoke the parental choice exemption from current law.

Legislative Analysis

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South Dakota’s HB1235 Affirms an Inalienable Right to Bodily Integrity and Prohibits Vaccine Coercion

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? At what age? Which vaccines?

Who gets to make these choices for your children?

A bill introduced in the South Dakota House of Representatives (HB1235) would ensure that parents decide on behalf of their children, and that parents may make an informed decision without coercive influences from any state agency.

Perhaps you have heard of this idea before. Some call it “liberty.” Others call it “freedom.” In South Dakota, they call it “the inalienable right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion that the person accepts any medical intervention.”

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Speak Up for Freedom! Sign the Petition Opposing MN SF1520!

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Below is the wording to a new petition, created by Into Your Hands, LLC's Marie MacPherson on February 5, 2020.

SF 1520 is a proposed change to Minnesota law that would remove the right of families to conscientiously object to one, some, or all of the childhood vaccinations required for school. Because it would also impact homeschooled families, it would be the strictest vaccine mandate of any state in the union. This vaccine mandate would disregard the Nuremberg Code and the right to informed consent prior to medical procedures.

Several vaccines pertain only to illnesses spread outside of normal school behavior, such as Hepatitis B and Tetanus. Haemophilius influenzae type b is only a threat to children younger than school age, and not recommended for children over the age of five. None of these should be required for school or homeschool registration.

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Fact Check: Vaccine Fallacies Exposed

On February 11, the 2020 Minnesota legistative session will begin. Vaccine mandates are sure to be a hot topic this session, as they were in 2019. I've been studying vaccines and their impact on health for over a decade, spending hundreds of hours reading and writing about them. Certain rhetorical phrases cycle around again and again, particularly with politicians and in the media. The points below bring these statements to light for open and honest consideration, rather than a misguided "sound-bite" that shuts down conversation. Engage with your friends and family about this important topic, before the right to medical choice is taken from you! Below are some fact-based talking points to aid in these discussions.

This critique cites government sources, peer-reviewed scientific research, as well as reputable information from education and advocacy groups. In some cases, links are provided to secondary sources rather than a primary source so the reader has the ability to explore a particular topic in depth, including a primary sources referenced there.

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Vaccine Safety and Research

“Immunizations are safe.”

“A lot of research goes into making vaccines safe for your child.”

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