Title Published Date
SCOTUS Rulings on Vaccine Mandates January 13, 2022
Friends of the Court in Support of an Emergency Stay against the OSHA ETS January 6, 2022
Pending before the Supreme Court: Meet the Challengers to the OSHA ETS January 5, 2022
Don't Be Enslaved by Ignorance of Judicial Proceedings: A Guide to the OSHA ETS Controversy January 5, 2022
Outlining a Religious Exemption from Mandatory Vaccination October 14, 2021
Democrats and Republicans, Let's All Thank TX for suing PA December 11, 2020
Fraud Check: What the Trump Legal Filings Say about the 2020 Election Procedures November 10, 2020
Trump vs. Biden: Looking Ahead to the December 14, 2020 Presidential Election November 8, 2020
Is Compulsory Vaccination a Patriotic Duty? Think Again... August 8, 2020
An Analysis of Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905): Compulsory Vaccination June 24, 2020
Go, Dog, Go! Quarantine Parody, Inspired by P.D. Eastman May 29, 2020
Eating Out, Getting a Facial, Going to Church—Here Are the New Regulations for Minnesota May 28, 2020
MN "Opens" Churches Like Never Before May 27, 2020
Respecting God’s Order: Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata on Romans 13:1–7 May 25, 2020
"For the First Time in Forever" Quarantine Parody May 22, 2020
Rendering to Caesar and to God: Pandemic Health Codes and Religious Liberty May 18, 2020
To Mask, or Not to Mask … That Is the Question! May 13, 2020
Has Gov. Walz Violated the Religious Liberties of Minnesotans? May 7, 2020
IYH Now Offering Free Delivery and Pickup! May 2, 2020
Where to Read the Latest Riot Act (Index of COVID 19 Executive Orders) April 16, 2020

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