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“We can not continue these brilliant successes in the future, unless we continue to learn from the past. It is necessary to keep the former experiences of our country both at home and abroad continually before us, if we are to have any science of government. If we wish to erect new structures, we must have a definite knowledge of the old foundations. We must realize that human nature is about the most constant thing in the universe and that the essentials of human relationship do not change. We must frequently take our bearings from these fixed stars of our political firmament if we expect to hold a true course.”—Calvin Coolidge, Inaugural Address (1925)

On April 7, 2019 Marie MacPherson joined BLC’s campus for a presentation sponsored by the student senate to share some insights regarding misleading “pop-Christian” sentiments. The advertising for the event was as follows:

Join “Mrs. Mac” on her spiritual soapbox in a round robin conversation. An educator, author, speaker, and mother of six (on earth), Marie will guide discussion on real-life implementation of your faith in a discussion format. Topics include following your heart, handling depression, and sharing God’s love with those around you. Come one, come all, and bring your questions!

The provocative statements below served as the outline for the presentation. Each member of the audience picked up a slip of paper with one of the statements, and read it aloud to the group, attempting a Scriptural response. Marie moderated the discussion, adding her own thoughts and perspective as a summary, which are listed below. If you are interested in having Marie present to your group, contact her here.

1. That stuff in the Old Testament misogynist and anti-woman!

Certainly, horrible and tragic things happen to many women in the Old Testament. But, reading the context, it is clear that these accounts are historical, not condoned by God. Even so, some ceremonial or civil laws of the Old Testament, viewed through modern lenses, may seem oppressive to some women. However, Christians of today are bound only by God’s moral laws (The Ten Commandments), which apply equally to men and women.

Rose Adle and Rebekah Curtis write in Ladylike, “The OT is a place where bad things happen to bad and good people, and lots of them women. Ancient Near East ladies find themselves in bad situations: they are taken advantage of, they have their honor stolen and their features ruined, they deal with the physical and social taxes on their complicated biology, nobody remembers their names, and they still have to pick up after everybody. Sounds pretty familiar with today’s society, except that the families of rape victims aren’t allowed to kill rapists anymore. There is nothing new under the sun. Let’s not forget that the Old Testament also speaks tenderly and sensitively of many women, and it even attributes to God the characteristics of a nursing mother. God shows that the female experience is thoroughly human.”

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