Three big dogs going out with no toilet paper.

One sociallydistanceddog





Goodbye! Goodbye.


The dogs are all going around and around and around.

Stop, dogs, stop! Roll up your windows! Stop the contagion!

Drive home. The park is closed.

Dogs at work. Work, dogs, work!

WAIT! Stop, dogs, stop! STOP!

Go home, dogs, go home. There is no work today. Restaurants and salons are closed.

You are not essential.

Dogs at play. Play, dogs, play!

WAIT! Stop, dogs, stop! STOP!

Go home, dogs, go home. You cannot play today. You must shelter-in-place.

Hello, again! Hello. Do you like my face mask? I do not like your face mask.

Goodbye, again! Goodbye.

Dogs in cars again. Driving away to a protest. Driving away to protest infringement of their rights.

Stop, dogs, stop! No! Don't come. Your freedom of assembly is not essential.

Go home, dogs. Go home.

Two dogs at play. At play on top of a playground.

Go down, dogs. Do not play up there. Go down. Playgrounds are closed!

Now it is night.

Three dogs at a party on a boat at night.

No, dogs, no! Bad dogs! You are not part of the same household!

Bad dogs! You must shelter-in-place.

You will get a ticket!

Night is not a time for play.

It is a time for sleep.

Dogs go to sleep. They will sleep all night.

Wait! Too many dogs! There are more than 10 in bed!

Get up, dogs, get up! Get out dogs, get out! You must social-distance!

Now it is day! Time to get going! Go, dogs, go!

The state is opening! Restrictions are lifting!

Big dogs and little dogs driving around in cars!

Where are they going?

To the church?! To the church?!

No, they cannot sing there.

Big dogs and little dogs! Black dogs and white dogs!

Where are they going? To a party! A dog party of fewer than 10. What a party!

One little dog, taking off her mask.

Hello, again! And now, do you like my face?

I do! What a smile! I like it! I like that smiling face!


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