Who knew applesauce could taste so sweet!?

Yes, we’ve probably each had a little under a teaspoon of honey a day, so it’s not that we haven't had anything sweet over the past two weeks, but the applesauce sure was a welcome addition!

Stage Five lets us introduce several new foods: cooked fruits, raw veggies, herbs and spices, and pecan flour. The strawberry muffins we had for breakfast yesterday were the first “baked good” we’d had it 10 days! (This is from a former whole-wheat-baking-mama who even made bagels and soft pretzels from scratch! Ooh ... what was that doing to my gut?!)

Unfortunately, those very same muffins did something strange to me. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a symptom I’ve had frequently on Sunday mornings. (I notice it because it bothers me in church when I need to wrangle the baby, but feel too weak to do it.) It probably happens other times, as well, but I don’t pay attention because the baby has more freedom to roam in our house than public places ... and I'm not often in public except for church! It’s a sense of general fatigue, a weakness, or lack of strength, as if my body is paying attention to my gut with every ounce of it’s concentration and doesn’t have anything extra for, say, my biceps. It’s very disconcerting. And yet, familiar. But I hadn’t had the feeling yet on the Intro. It makes me wonder if it’s just an adjustment my body is making as I add in the old foods, or if it’s a reason to stay on Stage Five longer (or even return to Stage Four for awhile).

Thankfully, the children are doing great! I purchased a big ole watermelon on good faith that we'll be entering Stage Six before long. I figure we’ll save it until then, because I can’t even imagine the taste of cooked watermelon!

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