“Mommy, what are we going to have for (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? Oh yeah. Soup.” You got it, Buddy! This has been the constant refrain of my 3-year-old for the past 72 hours.

Yesterday afteroon, all five of my children napped for two hours! I don't know that this has ever happened in my entire life! They were very tired but pleasant, and happened to nod off during our afternoon free-time. I think their little bodies are all busy killing off bad bacteria in their guts and “cleaning house.” Sugar and fiber can both be food for negative flora in the gut. By taking away the sources of nourishment for these pathogenic bacteria, they die and leave the body. Did you know that when the good bacteria have the upper-hand in the gut, they can actually produce vitamins as a bi-product that your body can use! Neat, huh?

This past lunch, I kept giving my 16 month old little pieces of butter. She signed “more” so I kept giving her more. Finally, when I was bringing out her 4th tablespoon, she belched. She probably didn’t need anymore, the dainty little thing!

I hope to change things up a bit over the next few days, as we stir in some egg yolks (!?), try out beef again, and add some avocado to the rotation. Here’s what we’ve been eating the past few days. 

Tuesday’s Menu:

  • Breakfast: Chicken soup with carrots, and palm oil and fermented veggie juice
  • Snack: Chicken stock
  • Lunch: Chicken thighs cooked in stock over broccoli and onions
  • Snack: “Honey Creams” (coconut oil and honey mixed and frozen) and stock; pieces of pork boiled in stock
  • Supper: Leftover chicken and carrot soup with coconut oil and fermented veggie juice; green beans boiled in stock and lard

Wednesday’s Menu:

  • Breakfast: Pork soup with beets, zucchini, lard and fermented juice; leftover green beans
  • Snack: Chicken stock
  • Lunch: Pollock boiled in stock with spinach, peas, and butter
  • Snack: Beet kvass and Honey Creams
  • Supper: (In progress!) Cornish hen soup with broccoli veggie medley and onions, with coconut oil and fermented juice

*We're still drinking our ACV “shots” before meals and taking a probiotic AM and PM


I’ll update soon once we’ve added egg yolks and a few other interesting foods! While you wait, I encourage you to purchase GAPS: Gut and Psychology Syndrome and start reading! It's very medically oriented, which I believe gives it a good reputation, but it’s not beyond a lay-reader. Just so you know, I purchased this book about five years ago, read it, and let it sit on my shelf because I thought the diet suggested was “too hard.” When I had my health crisis one year ago, I knew I no longer had a choice. I think the book is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal for yourself or for loved ones looking for improved health and vibrancy.

You can also check out my other blog posts about the GAPS diet.




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