...and we have vomit!

My four-year-old turned green last night, and we saw his lunch a few minutes later. Was this a detox mechanism? I'm not sure. From the looks of his vomit, he didn't chew his lunch at all! Ah well. He's doing great today!

Within three minutes of aforementioned vomit, another child leaked poop out of her diaper, and a third child slammed her finger in the door. Truth. But much less relevant to GAPS. Back to the point.

Last night, I stirred a little bit of egg yolk into my soup. I haven't had egg in over 9 months, since both my allergy tests and migraines confirmed an intolerance to it. My practitioners both thought that my hives incidences were due to egg exposure, but I was never convinced. However, I did start carrying an Epi-pen, just in case. I was hopeful that 9 months of GAPS would have healed my gut enough to tolerate such a healthy, wholesome food.

Dinner went well. But I felt full too soon. My, oh my! So full! After dinner, my stomach hurt dreadfully. BUT, I didn't need Benadryl or the Epi-Pen! However, I will be skipping the eggs again, and may try again in a few weeks or months as I continue to heal. I'm thankful, though, that I was able to simplify my foods through the Intro so I could have no doubt that the stomachache was caused by the egg.

Another trouble we're having around here is, well, constipation. Since we're not eating fruit or nuts during this stage, our bodies are all adjusting to less fiber. It's good to have less fiber so the pathogenic bacteria will starve; but we're not doing much detoxification through our normal waste system! (Hey, I warned you in our first installment that we would be getting down and dirty, didn't I?)

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