I got to try some new foods in the past few days, and they all “went down” well!

Avocado was not on my food allergy list, so I ate that regularly during my early months of Full GAPS. But about November or December, I was food journaling and discovered that I was having a stomachache whenever I consumed it. It was a sad, sad day when I cut avocado out of my diet, but my stomachaches went away. Was the food allergy test wrong? Perhaps; they can be inaccurate, especially if the patient hasn’t consumed the food recently. However, it may also have developed in the fall, as my leaky gut was healing, and I may had just been consuming it too often, as a crutch while I figured out my new Full GAPS groove. I ate 2 teaspoons on Saturday, and about 3 on Sunday. Hooray!

I also had my first spoonful of nut butter, and that was all good. I’ll need to watch for headaches especially as I increase my intake. Otherwise, the diet has included soup and more soup. Yes, kids. I’m just as bored as you are. But, hungry? Not for a moment!

Last night, I increased my probiotics from 4 a day to 5. In the past, when I have increased, the next few days are difficult for me as I experience die-off. So far today, I am doing well, but extremely sleepy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a bowel movement. We’re talking a couple of days... And the last time I went, it was because of an enema, so we need my body to get working here! I’ve been reading more about bowel movements in the past few weeks (especially before that first enema!) and I think that over the years I’ve stopped heeding my body’s natural instincts to "go." Maybe it all started back in high school when I didn’t have time to take a potty-break between classes without getting a tardy. (I never got a tardy my entire prep-school career, thank-you-very-much!) I feel like it’s always an inconvenient time to stop what I’m doing nowadays and sit on the pot, too. Without company. Anyway, I’m not sure that fiber supplements are the answer, as they would be food for pathogenic bacteria and they would irritate the lining of my gut, rather than soothe and heal it. I need to reflect more about WHY I have difficulty going (and have my whole life). It may have to do with my genetic mutation or lack of bile production. More research needed...and that’s the way I like it!

Also, my teeth have been very scuzzy. (Is that a word?) No pain whatsoever, except the first time I had honey on the Intro. Within 15 minutes, I had a bit of a toothache. However, I do wonder if the Intro isn’t helping my teeth regenerate and remineralize!? I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if that was true!

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