Uff-dah! I haven’t typed much lately ... because I’ve been exhausted! Let's just say that the introduction of almond butter was not so good to my body. My kids loved it! Something just a bit sweet and creamy after over a week of cooked mushy veggies and soup stock! However, my body rejected this food in the form of extreme exhaustion! My limbs did not want to move and I felt sluggish and heavy. So, turns out, I still have a lot of gut-healing to do! However, even if I never heal enough to reintroduce my allergy foods, the Intro sure makes me thankful for the variety of foods I can eat on Full GAPS.

I made meatloaf yesterday for the family. (Yeah for meat that can be cooked outside of a soup!) In the past, I cut the children a small piece and made them finish it. Not this time! They asked for seconds, and even thirds. Whatever sort of miracle that was, I’ll take it!

We added some olive oil back into our diet-Mmm! So velvety and smooth! Ryan grabbed the bottle from off of the counter and did a little math while we were eating. “Did you know this bottle has enough calories in it to feed you and me for an entire day?!" Okay, I really like raw olive oil, but not that much!

It’s interesting, though, to compare the cost per calorie of food. Yes, of course, a family cannot live solely off of fat, like olive oil. (Although, some anthropologists would argue that the whale-blubber-eating Eskimos did just fine.) We need to balance carbs and protein, as well. But once you are no longer “afraid” to eat healthful fats, quick and inexpensive carbs like crackers and bread really aren’t that cheap! Run the calculations for yourself on cost per calorie of organic butter, or chicken drumsticks! (It doesn’t work so well on all nutritional foods, though ... like spinach!)

Tomorrow, we’ll be moving into Stage 5 ... and applesauce! We can hardly wait!

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