COVID-19 government regulations have affected small businesses, and Into Your Hands, LLC is no exception. A large portion of our family business's income is gained through speaking engagements and book sales at large summer gatherings and conventions. That doesn't look to be possible this year, but we are learning to adapt!

We now offer three delivery methods for our inventory of books and greeting cards, including homeschool resources (all in compliance with Minnesota Executive Order 20–48):

  1. Free delivery to customers in the greater Mankato, Minnesota, area for orders over $20.
  2. Scheduled pickup from our front porch for orders below $20 or customers from outside of the Mankato area.
  3. Shipping for online purchases by patrons outside of southern Minnesota, via the third-party links provided below.

Please peruse our selections and find something interesting for yourself or a friend! Into Your Hands, LLC is also available to contract for research, consulting, publishing, and more!

Use the Contact Us button on the upper right of our website menu with titles and quantity, and Marie will get your customized order prepared and set up a time for drop-off or pick up! While most prices reflect significant savings over retail price, they do not reflect a 7.875% sales tax, which will be added to your invoice. Please make checks payable to Into Your Hands, LLC.

Teaching Children Chastity—New! ($3)

In this booklet, parents speak frankly to fellow parents on the basis of God’s Word, offering practical suggestions for dads and moms to provide their children with the guidance they need to navigate through puberty and into sanctified adulthood. Available for shipment through CPH.

Scripture Greeting Cards, Assorted 4 Pack, Blank inside ($5)DSC07022

Choose Landscape, Black and White, or Animal. Customized cards and bulk orders also available!


Color the Liturgy ($5)

This coloring book provides children with rich illustrations and a deeper understanding of Lutheran Liturgical worship. Available for shipment through According To Your Word.

My Brother Lives With Jesus ($8)

Follow a little boy as he tries to make sense of the death of his baby brother. Asking questions of his parent who answer using God's promises given in His Word, this little boy finds comfort in the salvation won for him, and his brother, through Christ. Available for shipment through According To Your Word.

The Culture of Life ($9)

Grounded in Holy Scripture, oriented by the forgiving love of Jesus Christ, and motivated by compassion for people in all of life's stages, The Culture of Life guides readers through today's most controversial topics in bioethics, including: abortion and infanticide; euthanasia ("mercy killing") and physician-assisted suicide; chastity, marriage, parenting, and elder care. Available for shipment through Amazon.

Studying Luther’s Large Catechism ($9)

Always beginning with prayer and concluding with song, the twelve lessons in this study book provide biblical instruction concerning: The Ten Commandments; Holy Baptism; The Apostles' Creed; The Lord's Supper; The Lord's Prayer; plus, Confession and Absolution. Available for shipment through Amazon.

Church Control or Birth Control ($10)

The name Margaret Sanger is nearly synonymous with birth control in the United States. A controversial character even now, she founded the predecessor to today's Planned Parenthood and dedicated her life to working tirelessly for the legalization and promotion of birth control and abortion. While scholars have directed some attention toward Sanger's provocative statements on race and ethnicity, few have documented her vehement anti-Catholicism or shown the way she cleverly used anti-Catholic propaganda to promote her birth control crusade. Kaminsky has now done so. Available for shipment through Amazon.

Mothering Many: Sanity-Saving Strategies ($10)

25 moms of 160+ children navigate 56 challenges that mothers frequently face: menu-planning, laundry, time-management, self-care, homeschooling, intimacy, home-devotions, and much more! Available for shipment or on Kindle through Amazon.

Meditations on the Vocation of Motherhood ($10)

If you feel worried and concerned and burdened about mothering, then you’re in the perfect position to be comforted by the message of the Gospel: Our perfect God sent His Son to take the punishment we deserve for our sins. You have been made right with God. Heaven is yours. Even though you will still struggle as a mother here on earth, your Father is with you, each and every moment. Available for shipment through Amazon.

Meet Pastor Goodenough ($10)

In this humorous parody of a pastor's life, real-life Pastor Lyle Luchterhand leads his readers from one laugh to another, while Willie's faithful wife Missy reminds us that no matter how crazy the ministry gets, no congregation is ever quite so God-forsaken as it may seem. Available for shipment on Amazon.

Debating Evolution Before Darwin ($25)

Dr. MacPherson’s keen historical insight probes deeply into the private and professional lives of leading intellectuals at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. Crafting a narrative energetic enough for lay readers, but supported with footnotes thorough enough for scholars, Dr. MacPherson reveals unexpected interactions between religion and science during this crucial era. Available for shipment on Amazon.

Torn Asunder ($25)

Upholding the inextricable link between our personal identity and our origin in a union of two — and, more deeply, in the Fatherhood of God — the contributors to this volume reflect on the damage that divorce does to children, opening up important questions for all of us: What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to love and to marry? Available for shipment or Kindle on Amazon.

Rediscovering the American Republic, Vol. 1 ($40)

This volume contains over 700 pages of time-tested teaching tools, including classic biographies of five of the most influential people in American history through the era of the Civil War. Available for shipment on Amazon.

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