In response to a flood of telephone calls, emails, and instant messages requesting assistance in preparing a religious exemption letter regarding mandatory COVID injections, Into Your Hands LLC offers the following outline for consideration.

Not all points apply to all persons. Aiming to keep your message “short and sweet,” you may of course choose to focus on some of these suggestions and exclude others.

We encourage you to share these ideas in lunchtime conversations with coworkers and employers—perhaps building relationships that will establish greater common ground concerning these sensitive topics. And, of course, should you require legal advice specific to your situation, please seek a lawyer; what follows is simply some basic information suitable for brainstorming.

  1. I have sincerely and deeply held religious beliefs that lead me to conscientiously refuse vaccination/mRNA injection.
  2. I am a confessional Lutheran, which involves specific beliefs concerning: the sanctity of human life in the womb; the proper limitations of civil authority; and, parental rights. (See, for example, The Hausvater Project.)
  3. I agree with the Lutherans for Life Position Statement on Vaccines Using Fetal Tissue.
  4. I acknowledge the disturbing facts from the peer-reviewed medical sources cited in this bioethics journal article, demonstrating that aborted and vivisected human children were used in the production of many mainstream vaccines. (See also this webinar and this handout.)
  5. I have consulted this table revealing, from FDA and CDC sources, which vaccines have used human fetal tissue/cell lines in their development or testing.
  6. I have consulted this table revealing, from peer-reviewed medical studies plus government sources, which COVID-19 mRNA injections have used human fetal tissue/cell lines in their development or testing.
  7. I support informed consent, and have kept myself far more informed than even many doctors and nurses.
  8. I am far more fair and balanced than those who want to coerce me to be injected. Please click that last link—it offers the top seven reasons from both sides in this debate. I’ve taken the time to think it all through. I hope you will do likewise.
  9. Regardless of whether you agree with me about religion, medicine, or any other topic, I am protected by the same First Amendment as everyone else. (I do not think the century-old Jacobson ruling is the final word on today’s vaccine mandate controversies. For one thing, the Supreme Court has ruled subsequently that religious liberty is a fundamental right.)
  10. I object to being badgered for further details concerning my sincerely and deeply held religious beliefs: the government and any corporation purporting to serve under government authority should protect the innocent and punish the evildoer, not vice versa.
  11. I respect companies with short and simple policies (like this one) that accommodate religious exemptions to vaccination.
  12. I also respect HR compliance officers who feel caught in the middle, between constitutional rights advocates like me and upper management or government agents who are pressuring HR compliance officers to force me to get vaccinated against my will. I encourage all of you to study up on the U.S. Constitution and the lesser-magistrate doctrine.

No, the preceding points are not comprehensive. No, they are not perfect, either. Nor do they constitute specific legal advice (please read the disclaimer in the footer of this website).

If, however, you are at a loss of how to navigate this complicated world, we hope the preceding points assist you in clarifying your thinking—whether you are an employee preparing to file for a religious exemption, or whether you are an HR compliance officer who feels pressured to enforce an unjust order from your corporate superior or a government officer.

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