Into Your Hands, LLC offers blank greeting cards, many of which are “all occasion,” for purchase through Ad Crucem. The Christian sentiments below are available for customers to copy or paraphrase when sending an otherwise blank card. We pray that all your greetings may encourage others in the love of Christ!DSC07028


I am grateful that the Lord created you and has sustained your life. May He continue to bless you and preserve you in the year ahead! I am blessed to call you [insert relationship here]!

Get Well

May the Great Physician, according to His good and gracious will, preserve you—both body and soul—for His glory. I pray that your suffering may be redeemed, and you will feel better soon!


My heart goes out to you during this time of grief. May God, who took on flesh and all its woes to live, die, and rise again, hold you tenderly in the palm of His hand as you mourn. With the saints united, we look forward to the resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come, thanks be to Christ!


Today, we celebrate God’s faithfulness in your life, having preserved you in your baptismal vows to your vows today! We pray that He ever strengthen and preserve your faith, through His means of grace! God bless you!


God is good, and His faithfulness endures forever! We pray that He will continue to work a good work in you, through your many and various vocations in life, serving as a blessings to others in the world! Congratulations!


Today, we witness not only the vows of two individuals, now bound together for life, but more so, an astounding picture of Christ’s love for the Church! We pray for your faithfulness to one another through both the joys and sorrows of life, and that God’s own unfailing love for sinners be constantly displayed in your union! God bless!


With the birth of your little one, God has show his marvelous handiwork! We pray for your child, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, that God will be glorified in his/her life! We also pray for your family during this time of excitement and change!


Welcome to the family of God, little one! Through these waters of baptism, God has mercifully made you His own. We pray that you always cling to the promise He makes today: that you are His child, full, free, and eternally!


Marie K. MacPherson is wife to Ryan, homeschooling mother to their six living children, and redeemed child of God. They make their home in Mankato, MN. She is a certified Classical Lutheran Educator from CCLE, author of Meditations on the Vocation of Motherhood (2018), and editor of Mothering Many: Sanity-Saving Strategies(2016). She is also the author of LFL’s booklets The Story of Baby Shalom (2017) and Teaching Children Chastity: Talking Points for Christian Parents (2020). She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Bethany Lutheran College, with Lutheran school certification and a specialty in communication arts and literature. Marie is an advocate for mothers, serving as a La Leche League Leader for over six years and a volunteer at a local pro-life pregnancy clinic. When she’s not caring for her own children, or the mothers of other children, Marie reads extensively, researching natural health, homeschooling, evangelism, marriage, and parenting. Read her contributions to Blest the House; The Hausvater Project; Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife; and Lutherans for Life. Follow her blog at:

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