Into Your Hands LLC has adopted a policy concerning vaccines, mRNA injections, etc., that respects the medical freedom of its employees, volunteers, and customers.

Specifically, we affirm:

  • the right to informed consent
  • the right to medical exemption
  • the right to conscientious objection
  • the right to medical privacy

We furthermore pledge that, in the event of a government mandate for vaccination/mRNA injection, we will accept the simplest and least burdensome forms of medical exemptions and conscientious objections. We take great offense that some companies have required essay responses to numerous questions, imposing an unjust burden on vulnerable persons who for reason of medical concern or conscience decline vaccination. To foster a more humane work environment, we suggest these model statements:

  • Medical Exemption from Vaccine Mandates: “[Name or kind of vaccine / all vaccines generally] is/are medically contra-indicated for my patient [name of patient].”
  • Conscientious Exemption from Vaccine Mandates: “For sincerely and deeply held religious and/or philosophical convictions, I consciously object to receiving (or having my minor child receive) [name or kind of vaccine / all vaccines generally].”

Finally, we encourage other businesses to do the same. You may read our entire company policy, which includes a commitment to community education concerning the principles of American government and natural law, here.

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