Vaccination Research: Reputable Sources


Non-Profit Organizations, Etc.

  • National Vaccine Information Center
    Advocating informed consent and providing information about risks and benefits of vaccines.
  • Immunization Action Coalition
    Advocating increased rates of vaccination and providing information about risks and benefits. (For balanced research, compare this resource to the Children’s Health Defense, below.)
  • Children’s Health Defense
    Promoting children’s health by eliminating exposures to harmful toxins, including those toxins found commonly in vaccines. (For balanced research, compare this resource to the Immunization Action Coalition, above.)
  • HealthChoice
    Advocating informed consent and medical freedom in all healthcare decisions, including vaccination.
  • A Voice for Truth
    Providing evidenced-based research identifying the nature and effects of vaccines, including special attention to the use of human fetal tissue in vaccine development.
  • Sound Choice Pharamaceutical Institute
    Researching vaccine effectiveness and risks.
  • Physicians for Informed Consent
    An organization of medical doctors advocating for informed consent, empowering patients and parents to make appropriate decisions concerning vaccines.


Articles and White Papers

Podcasts and Videos

  • Vaccines, Abortion and the Christian Conscience
    Lutheran seminary professor Gifford Grobien discusses the moral implications of the use of human fetal tissue in vaccines. See also his article, above.
  • The King of Vaccines Comes Clean
    5-minute video. Stanley Plotkin, M.D., testifies under oath, acknowledging his involvement in research that utilized about 70 human fetuses for vaccine-production, affirming that the fetuses had developed normally up until the point of abortion, and stating that he is an atheist who will gladly go to hell for these actions.

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