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We should not always believe what the CDC and the government say, because they do not always have our best interests in mind.

Unique Points

• “I have to over-test, over-treat, over-order, overcompensate, under-think, under-feel, and under-serve just to get past the rules that well-intentioned but inflexible bureaucrats have put in place to ‘protect’ the patient” (11).
• We should not care whether or not our political leaders are the party we want; we should care whether or not they protect our freedom.
• Many doctors are forbidden to use hydroxychloroquine to treat patients suffering from Covid-19. “Never mind that the treatment’s safe and effective use has been
voluminously documented in leading medical journals over sixty-five years” (12). “Prior to March 2020, every doctor all over the world knew HCQ was safe” (19).
• There is no evidence that children’s risk of infection increases when they attend school (73).
• “The public therefore was at best confused, or at worst relying on junk science” (16).



Dr. Gold is Jewish. Some of what she says on the subject of religion is true, such as her comment that “we often fall short of the ideal God sets before us” (63). This is similar to the verse in Romans 3:23 which says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” But, she is missing the point – that we need a Savior and we have a Savior. She speaks of “bearing witness to God’s truth,” although as a Jew she doesn’t know and believe the truth of Christ crucified.
Also, other things she says about her religion do not quite make sense to me. She says, “I don’t consider myself a devout person” (63). If this is true, than why would she go on for several sentences and tell us about how important her religion is to her? In addition, Dr. Gold mentions “the transcendent
truth only religion can provide” (63), speaking vaguely of religion in general. However, only orthodox Christianity is truth, and other religions are full of lies and deception.

Dr. Gold did not write a whole lot on the subjects of worldview and religion, but what she did say seemed to me to be largely irrelevant to her topic of doctors and disease.


• Always keep in mind “how easily governments and the scientific community could do the wrong thing” (27).
• Don’t trust newspapers, cable TV, or social media. They are generally filled with propaganda instead of facts.
• Take supplemental zinc. “The lower the zinc levels, the easier it is for COVID-19 to reproduce itself inside a host” (8).



Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD and Andrew W. Saul, PhD’s book Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone, in proving the safety and efficacy of vitamin and mineral supplements, stated that hundreds of people die each year from overdose of Tylenol, even though this drug is considered “safe.” I Do Not Consent agrees with this (53), and says that hydroxychloroquine is much safer.


The Truth About Covid-19, by Joseph Mercola, while it agrees with Simone Gold about how the government isn’t always correct, offers suggestions of supplements and healthy diet. On the other hand, Dr. Gold says little of the many ways immunity can be improved and infection prevented, instead recommending HCQ as a cure.

My Critique

HCQ may have only very rare and very mild side affects, but it is still a drug. I think that it is better to use more natural means to improve immunity, and minimize the need for even safe medicines such as hydroxychloroquine, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. I am thankful, though, that God has created doctors and scientists to invent these drugs for when they are necessary.

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