Natural diapers might not be on your radar screen. After all, they exist for the purpose of well, containing poop and pee. Why would you care if your baby’s diaper is unbleached or not, when it’s going in the trash? I get it. Really, I do.

But there are times in life when cloth is just not convenient, and regular disposable diapers might bother your conscience. (“Is my Darling’s rash caused by the chemicals in this diaper? Is this diaper going to survive in the landfill longer than my child will be alive?”)

If you are looking to purchase a natural diaper, but don’t want to waste your money trying several different kinds, I offer you my comparisons and conclusions below. (None are bleached; all are cruelty-free.)

  Seventh Generation Honest Diapers Babyganics
Tagline? Because every baby deserves a fresh, clean start. Making diaper duty more delightful, safer, and simply better! Bringing their (baby-safe) world to life.
Appeal? These diapers are a gray color. Upon my first visual inspection of the diapers, I noticed a pea-sized lump of absorbent material in the crotch. These diapers are the most visually attractive to me. They come in different patterns for boys and girls, and each size also offers a variety of patterns. Not as “cute” as Honest Company, but “cuter” than Seventh Generation.
Durability? When my baby wore the diaper without pants, the outside of the diaper frayed and pilled. My first impression was that these seemed more rough than Seventh Generation. But side by side, they seemed the same. Twice when I was adjusting the diaper while my baby was wearing it, I accidentally ripped off a small piece of the gusset. It didn’t seem to affect performance, though.
Rash? She started with a rash, but it cleared up while wearing these. She started with no rash, but developed one with use. She had a slight rash the entire duration of using this brand.
Odor? Her first poop in this brand was undetectable via smell--which could be a good thing in some cases, but it delayed me from changing her diaper until I noticed the poo spreading out over the gussets of the legs. Urine smell seems amplified and strong. Average diaper smells. Average diaper smells.
Leakage? We personally experienced 0 leaks in the 2 weeks of using these diapers.   The first time my baby wore this diaper, she leaked straight through it. This diaper leaked by far more than the other two diapers combined. It could be the shape of my baby rather than a design flaw.
Fragrance? No No (Contains citrus and chlorophyll odor-blockers) Yes (Patented Neo-nourish blend of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, and red raspberry seed oils help support healthy skin development and deliver antioxidant protection.)
Location of Manufacturing Process? Developed and Produced in the USA Designed in California; made responsibility in China Made in Mexico
Absorbency? From wood fluff and SAP sodium polyacrylate From Corn/Wheat; TFC wood pulp from certified SMForests From TCF fluff-pulp, renewable plant-based material
Green America Business? No Yes Unknown
Charity Support? 10% of profits to non-profit community, health, environmental, and responsible business organizations. This company donates a percentage of its profits to charity, such as Mt. Sinai, Farm to School, Center for Environmental Health, and Girls Who Code. Unknown
Cost? 54 Diapers for $19.99, or 37 cents each. 60 Diapers for $24.99, or about 42 cents each. (Could possibly be cheaper through online membership.) 80 Diapers for $24.99, or about 31 cents each.
Marie's Star Rating (Out of 5) ★★★★ ★★★ ★★
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