All is dark, but no matter-

Our eyes are closed.

All is quiet, but for your soft little swallows echoing rhythmically.

I recline, relaxed, my arms and heart full.

As your breath warms my body (and soul), my peace is interrupted.


“Does she sleep through the night?” I remember them innocently asking.

Yes, you sleep... but I don’t mention your wakings.

Waking, when you’re aching for the comfort and security that only I can give-

Waking, for the reassurance that I will reach for you when you cry,

To know you won’t go hungry or unloved.

I wrap you in comfort, and my arms, entangling our bodies and our lives.

I feel our hearts beating so closely-

Such peace in the darkness,

Only we two will know.

Your tongue moves, singing silent praise, while my face glows through the shadows.


My mind again floats to them.

I cannot explain to those who have not understood-

You might sleep, if I let you cry,

But how could I give up this moment?

There are things more precious than sleep.

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