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Christian home educators offer a unique perspective in today’s complicated world of opportunities and decisions. The families represented in this book share their experiences and answer significant questions, including:

    • Why do some families educate their children primarily in the home, others utilize public or parochial schools, and still others try some of each?
    • How do Progressive, Classical, Christian, and Unschooling models for education differ from each other, and is it possible to integrate these philosophies into a coherent approach?
    • What distinctive emphases do Lutheran, Catholic, and Reformed home education resources offer families?
    • How do home educating parents coordinate their family schedules, select curricula, and track their progress?
    • What have home educators done to pass muster with state requirements, make use of taxpayer-funded services, and prepare their children for the “real world”?
    • How can home educators constructively address the concerns of grandparents, pastors, neighbors or others who have doubts about children not being in school?
    • Where should you turn for more information, without wasting your time in the vast sea of online resources?
    • Whether you currently home educate your children, would like to do so, or are afraid to try, this book provides the insights you need to make an informed judgment—and to explain your choices to those who think differently.

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Available: Winter 2017–2018

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