By Nathaniel K. MacPherson, Esq.

Mankato, MN: Into Your Hands LLC, 2015


This book scrutinizes the contemporary educational system in America, including recent developments involving the Common Core curriculum, in light of the original intent behind each of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. Readers thereby become equipped to address crucial questions that will impact the future of this nation, including:

  • What is the purpose of education?
  • How does the education of today compare to that which our Republic’s founders received?
  • Are government schools preparing our children to be self-governing citizens or subjects of the state?
  • What role does education play in “securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”?

About the Author

Nathaniel K. (Nathan) MacPherson heads the Alaska office of The MacPherson Group, where his nationwide practice focuses on federal and state civil and criminal tax defense and his clients include pastors, churches, and family businesses targeted by the IRS. Nathan regularly travels the country and talks on radio and has presented around the State of Alaska, including to the Governor and members of the State House and State Senate, regarding the Constitutional issues surrounding education policy. Nathan and his wife homeschool their three sons.

Ordering Info

This book is scheduled for publication in Fall 2016. To request to be notified when it is available for sale, please contact Into Your Hands LLC.

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