The King's SwordThe King’s Sword

By Grace MacPherson

Mankato, MN: Into Your Hands LLC, 2023

ISBN 13: 979-8-9875589-0-4

130 pages / $9.95 paperback



When Starra and her friends leave her home city of Fencer, they have no idea whether they’ll be successful in finding the legendary king. And when they do, Starra doesn’t know if she can trust him. Join Starra on a journey of friendship, fear, and faith as she seeks to save her city before it's too late.


Greta, age 12:

A sensational adventure book that will capture young readers' attention and carry them away to far-off places.

Marit, age 14:

A rich, captivating story with the beautiful theme of Salvation woven deftly through it all. Full of faith, comfort, and love, it is an absolute delight to read.

Bethany, age 16:

A sweet tale of rebellion and redemption. Beautifully demonstrates, in an exciting and engaging way, the love that exists between friends, family, neighbors, and strangers—and even our King.

Rose, age 15:

A lovely story, full of heroism and adventure.


Study Guide

  1. Starra broke Fencer’s only rule—to go into the Wild before she came of age. What is the Scriptural significance of her breaking the only rule? Was she justified in this because of the circumstances, or not?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Fencer and Straitland? How are they stronger together as the City-Twain? In what ways does this cause conflict between them? What similar examples can be seen in our world?
  3. What is the role of stories in who we are as humans? How does storytelling set people aside from animals? Should stories exist primarily to entertain or to teach? Why?
  4. How can we know when to balance prudence and trust? When is it appropriate to not believe without proof?
  5. As Mathou says to Starra, “When men are once given power, it is rare indeed that they relinquish it.” What is it in human nature that makes this true? What are some examples of this in The King’s Sword? What are some examples from history? How is it still true today?
  6. What is heroism? As Eraed says, “[Heroism is] never really something you do. It’s something that happens to you. You fall into a situation where you can either do what’s right or do nothing. If you do nothing, you’re labeled a coward. And if you do what’s right, you become a hero.” Is this true all of the time, some of the time, or never? How is this proven or disproven by what can be see in real life?
  7. Jehiel says, “When things are forbidden, it’s very nearly always because there’s an excellent reason for it.” What does he mean by this? What are reasons that something might be forbidden? In what ways does this play out in everyday life?

About the Author

Grace MacPherson, of Mankato, Minnesota, wrote this book between ages thirteen and sixteen. She was home educated through her sophomore year of high school; during her junior year, she enrolled at Bethany Lutheran College under the state’s Post-Secondary Education Option (receiving high school and college credit simultaneously). Her favorite authors include Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. Grace enjoys playing the flute and organ. She is constantly analyzing the grammar around her, and always carries a dictionary! Grace is a beloved big sister to six siblings, precious daughter to Ryan and Marie, and God’s own child, through faith in Christ.

Ordering Info

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