During the course of four years my wife Jocelyn and I, with the help of many others, started Wittenberg Academy, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to teaching Christians. While the start was quite successful and a financially stable foundation was built, the organization was heavily dependent on a few people who were basically full-time volunteers. The organization had received 501(c)3 non-profit status, accreditation, and was operating in the black. At the beginning of year four, we began finding our wheels spinning, especially in our ability to raise money and get out and promote the idea of people using our services more fully. The ultimate goal of Wittenberg Academy was not to get rich, but to become sustainable for the long haul. To achieve this goal we needed help.

We made the decision to hire Into Your Hands, LLC to review what we were doing and give us direction on where to go. Dr. Ryan MacPherson took a detailed look at what we were doing, compiled feedback from all of our board members, and put together a 20-page recommendation report. The report was very detailed yet offered flexibility on how to proceed. Our board has become much less stagnant as ideas are being generated and work is getting done to achieve the goal of becoming a sustainable enterprise for classical Christian education.

This perhaps was some of the best money Wittenberg Academy has spent in its short history.

Justin Benson
President & Executive Director
Wittenberg Academy

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