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July, 2023: Over the past month, the creation of the bracelets has been completed by volunteers, and nearly all of the bracelets have been distributed! About 150 bracelets remain to be distributed, and over $6,000 has been raised for Options!

February 1, 2023: Options for Women|Mankato has reported contributions of nearly $2,400 from the Bracelets for Life Campaign! With volunteers from Idaho and distributors from Florida, this community-project has gone national!

December 12, 2022: We have made about 2,500 bracelets and distributed about 800 of these. Some of our supporters are ordering bracelets for a Life Sunday event at their congregation. If you wish to do the same, contact us.

October 11, 2022: An instructional video has been posted here to train volunteers how to make bracelets.

September 14, 2022: This project was recently featured on Youth 4 Life's website! Read here to learn more about the inspiration and development of this pro-life project! Over 39 volunteers (ages 7 to 70!) have contributed over 200 hours of combined work on these bracelets! Grace recently connected with a local American Heritage Girls troop to train volunteers on making and distributing bracelets. Volunteers to make and distribute bracelets are still needed!


August, 2022: We have completed approximately 750 out of 3,000 bracelets! THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, including Norseland Lutheran Church's Youth Group! If you are in the southern Minnesota area and are willing to help us make bracelets to reach our goal of 3,000, let us know! We will get you a bracelet kit that you can make in the comfort of your own home!

Now, we are in need of pro-life friends to help us distribute these bracelets!


If you are a willing to become a patron of 100 bracelets, with a suggested up-front donation of $500, please reach out on our contact page. (We will send additional details via email.) Our first 10 patrons will receive free shipping, thanks to our generous sponsors!


July, 2022: Approximately 500 bracelets have been completed. Grace created the template for the postcards and used her own photography. These were printed from Vistaprint.


(This page is under construction. Please check back frequently for updates!)


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