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This Labor Day Means Medical Freedom for Our Workers

Ryan MacPherson

In commemoration of Labor Day 2021, Into Your Hands LLC has adopted a policy concerning vaccines, mRNA injections, etc., that respects the medical freedom of its employees, volunteers, and customers.

Specifically, we affirm:

Make this Labor Day a holiday that celebrates workers’ rights to medical freedom.

Adopt our model policy for your own business or non-profit organization.


Dr. Ryan C. MacPherson is the founding president of Into Your Hands LLC and the author of several books, including Rediscovering the American Republic (2 vols.) and Debating Evolution before Darwinism. He lives with his wife Marie and their homeschooled children in Mankato, Minnesota, where he teaches American history, history of science, and bioethics at Bethany Lutheran College. He also serves as President of the Hausvater Project, which mentors Christian parents. For more information, visit www.ryancmacpherson.com.

TAGS: Healthcare, Bioethics, Religious Liberty


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